Top Ten Reasons Why You Need EQ6...

While EQ6 is the newest and most advanced version of our best-selling Electric Quilt software, it's also the most user-friendly. This incredibly full-featured quilt design and drawing program has been especially designed with beginners as well as advanced designers in mind.

Use it to design quilts, draw blocks, scan in fabrics or select from over 20,000 blocks, fabrics, colors, embroidery, photos, threads, quilt layouts and borders included in EQ6. Use EQ6 simply to try out colors, or print patterns in any size.

Or use EQ6 to forge a quilting career, producing professional, high-resolution block and quilt images print-ready for books or magazines. This is software you'll never outgrow!

1. Patterns

2. Quilts

3. Borders

4. Fabrics

5. Print

6. Libraries

7. Drawing tools

8. Help, Help, and more Help

9. For the Advanced Designer

10. For the Beginning Designer