Patchwork pattern: Tangled Stars - Heleens Hidden Square

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These blocks of the month (November 2008) are two foundation patterns, but can also made as a traditional patterns.

Follow the next piecing order:

Block 1:     A1-3, B1-2, A+B, C1-3, D1-2, C+D, AB+CD
Sew these parts 4 times: ABCD, ABCD’, ABCD’’, ABCD’’’

Blok 2:     X1-3, Y1-3, X+Y.
Sew these parts 4 times: XY, XY’, XY’’, XY’’’
        XY+XY’, XY’’+XY’’’, XY/XY’+XY’’/XY’’’.

In the next example-quilts you can see several ways to use color. We wish you succes with making your own desin.

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