Blocks of the month 2003

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Blocks of the month 2003

The theme of the blocks of the month 2003 was "Country Life". There are several ways in which to incorporate the blocks into a large quilt: a few examples.

January: farm
February: barn
March: haystack
April: horse
May: pig
June: cow
July: hen
August: rooster
September: chick
October: fence
November: tractor
December: cart

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Download this examples: blocks 2003 (*.pdf)

Every month a new block!

  • januari: Boerderij
  • februari: Schuur
  • maart: Hooiberg
  • april: Paard
  • mei: Varken
  • juni: Koe
  • juli: Kip
  • augustus: Haan
  • september: Kuiken
  • oktober: Hek
  • november: Tractor
  • december: Kar