Patchwork pattern: Dubbelzijdig Log Cabin 2

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The block of the month (February 2014) is a foundation pattern, but you can also sew it the traditional way. When making a double sided Log Cabin, take a 15 x 15 cm piece of fiberfill. Draw the block on teabag paper (TB).
How to sew:
  • Put A1 right side of the fabric (RSF) on top of the fiberfill, the seam allowance must be across the middle line.
  • Put A2 RSF down on top of A1, put the TB on top of the fabrics and pin in place.
  • Turn your work upside down and pin A1’and A2’ in the same corner in place, just like A1 and A2.
  • Turn your work again and use the TB as a guide to sew the line between A1 and A2. In the same time you will sew A1’ and A2’.
  • Fold the TB at the sewing line and tear away carefully. Fold A2 and A2’ open.
  • Put A3 and A3’ on top of A2 and A2’, put the smallest triangle TB back on top of it and pin in place.
  • Sew the line between A2 and A3, tear away the TB carefully and fold open A3 and A3’.
  • Repeat this order when you sew the next pieces.
  • When all pieces are sewn, pin B1 on top of A1’ and pin B1’ on top of A1’, RSF down.
  • Now you use the other triangle piece TB to guide your sewing lines.
  • Sew the line between A1 and B1, tear away the TB carefully and fold open B1 and B1‘.
  • Pin B2 and B2’ on top of B1 and B1’ and follow the instruction above.
  • Sew the blocks together as ‘Quilt as you go’-blocks.

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